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    Raya Spa

Our philosophy draws on the best in Asian cultures and traditions, and the creation of a well-balanced lifestyle. Raya Spa’s charming modern Thai design, and its atmosphere of calming serenity, epitomizes the region’s “Modern Asian Cultural”.

Sensory indulgences are a part of the Raya Spa experience as trained hands soothe away worries and cares, helping guests relax with aromatic oils, and subtle herbs and spices. Raya Spa’s impressive treatments, massages, and packages highlight Western and Eastern techniques with the gentle Asian touch; using Asian ingredients that have been available for centuries, such as honey, turmeric, coconut, lemongrass, tamarind, sesame and white clay.

Our attentive services are designed to cater to your particular requests; the pampering understated and sophisticated, connects with the natural reality of the surrounds. Whether you are a seasoned spa client, or just a beginner, Raya Spa is a timely discovery that will induct you into an Asian spa philosophy.

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